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To order, send Aus $12.00 (post paid) to..

Aspects Pty Ltd,
P.O. Box 5171,
Clayton, Victoria 3168.


To reduce postal delays we suggest printing your name/address. We have, in the past, had returned mail where we cannot contact the person ordering. To avoid this possibility you might also like to add your phone number to the above as well.


If you prefer a faster way to send us money then you can do so via internet banking.

Our direct deposit details are :

Account : Aspects Pty Ltd
Bank : ANZ
BSB : 013-268
Account : 9385 50388

Overseas orders : People ordering from outside of Australia, please note the following :


Overseas orders require a higher cost to cover the higher postal charges. We are also in the process of arranging credit card facilities for overseas customers. Contact us for details.


Payment must be in Australian dollars. If paying by direct deposit be sure to email us with details of when you made your payment, and where you would like your book sent to.

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Topics Covered


Astral Attack - How people can affect others when astral.
Anger - From an energy perspective.
Athiests - What can happen after they die.
Ballast - How energies can hold us down.
Computer Disks - Their energy content.
Crystals - How to get them "clear" and keep them that way.
Dead friends & relations - How to help them get to the spirit world safely.
Exorcism - What it is & how it is done.
Festivals - The energies and psychics you meet there.
Flaming - How to improve your energy levels.
Haunted Houses - What they are and what you can do about them.
Hierarchies - How we can be assisted by others.
Karma - How it affects our degree of "protection".
Like Attracts Like - How we can encourage positive influences in our lives.
Links - Relationships with others, particularly in past lives.
Magicians - Some occultists are on a negative path.
Masters and Teachers - How to sort out who is genuine.
Mental Rescue - What it is, how it is done.
Negative Deaths - How they affect life immediately following death.
Negative Scripting - How sometimes other people tell us how to live.

Obsession - What it is and what you can do about it.
Physical Rescue - What it is.
Proportional Opposition - How people can oppose us.
Psychic Attack - What it is.
Psychic Draining - What it is and how to reduce it.
Psychic Invalidism - How psychic influences can cause health problems.
Psychic Protection - What it is and how to apply it.
Relationships - From an energy perspective.
Religious Deaths - How this can affect the post death state.
Schizophrenia - Often a psychic situation.
Soul Travel - What it is.
Spells, Curses, Hexes, etc. How to counter them.
Sudden Death - How it affects the immediate post death situation.
Suicide - What can happen after death.
Symptoms - How we tell if we are adversely psychically influenced.
Talismans, Charms - Their use for "protection".
Thought Forms - What they are and how they are created.
White Light Techniques - How to improve our psychic environment.
World Leaders - How to help them.


New topics added in the Second edition July 2016.


Addictions - Why they are hard to overcome.
Alliances and Allegiances - Why we may be attracting the wrong types of people to us.
Deliverance - What it is.
Demons - A more extreme opposition.
Ghost Hunters - A good, or bad, idea?

Grounding - It's importance in everyday life.
Madness - Some people have psychic problems.
Mirrors - Should they be used for "protection"?
Paranoia - A real, or imagined, problem?
Soul Fragmentation - How to heal/prevent it.


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